How can you not fall in love with a system of philosophy that includes taking a nap? going to rehab?  recovering from whatever?? 



     This is why I love the Tarot!!  I still study the classic writers, as the older the source, the purer and more precise the meanings!! 

     I fell in love with the Tarot long before the cards were available commercially.  It was a challenge making my own cards, and keeping them in good working order while using them everyday. 

     I always read for myself, a difficult task but what separates the professional from the dilettante.  I read every day, and log my work.  I note the changes in our cultural consciousness as reflected in the deck and the way it relates to the language. 

     Boeing has it's own card, as does Microsoft, while I am reading in Seattle;  the same cards represent an entirely different corporate entity in Hong Kong.  Fascinating!!

     This week I am in the mood for Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot, which I really like!!


     When you feel like you need extra added insight from the Tarot, I hope you will consider me as a discreet, non judgmental friend who can offer clarity!

     Just shoot me an email at  I am still the best in the field! 

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